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Our goal is to help startup grow and succeed.
We believe that technology has the power to make the world a better place and we invest our time and resources into entrepreneurs that are making an impact.
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Tasees is the ultimate innovation space, bringing together the best startups, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. We have built incubation and accelerator programs with affordable co-working space to help startups create, grow and disrupt faster than ever before. 
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“Many wishes they can make their ideas happen but only a few actually succed at doing so.”
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The nine key building blocks you need to for launching, funding and growing a successful startup arranged in sequential steps to get you started right away.

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Follow a clear roadmap and stop trying to navigate the sea of different and often opposing views, advice, and recommendations from startup gurus and experts!

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With top Lean Startup thinkers.

We bring together the brillaint work of top lean startup masters to help you take the guesswork out of launching, funding and growing your startup to next level.

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From Idea to Business

Our Startup Development Phases

First, rather than engaging in months of planning and research, entrepreneurs accept that all they have on day one is a series of untested hypotheses—basically, good guesses. The foundation of the Lean Startup is evidence-based entrepreneurship. Instead of creating an intricate business plan, founders summarize their hypotheses in a framework called a Business Model Canvas. Essentially, this is a diagram of how a company will create value for itself and its customers.

Second, we use a “get out of the building” approach called Customer Development to test the startup’s hypotheses and collect evidence about whether they are true or false. Startups go out and ask potential users, purchasers, and partners for feedback on all elements of the business model, including product features, pricing, distribution channels, and affordable customer acquisition strategies. The emphasis is on nimbleness and speed; new ventures rapidly assemble minimum viable products (MVPs) and immediately elicit customer feedback. Then, using customers’ input to revise their assumptions, we then start the cycle over again, testing redesigned offerings and making further small adjustments (iterations) or more substantive ones (pivots) to ideas that aren’t working.

Third, Scale Up which we practice called agile development, originated in the software industry. Agile development works hand-in-hand with Customer Development. Unlike typical yearlong product development cycles that presuppose knowledge of customers’ problems and product needs, agile development eliminates wasted time and resources by developing the product iteratively and incrementally. It’s the process by which startups create the minimum viable products they test.

Make your ideas happen!
The hardest part of starting up is starting out!
Get the kind of advice you’d never find in such programs
Mentor-Driven Incubation / Acceleration Programs
With 100+ Mentors / Coaches, You can get your ideas validated, get personalized and practical advice on how to move forward.
Naikbeen Naikpay Headshot
Naikbeen Naikpay
Co-Founder of TASEES
Ghayoor Bawary
Ghayoor Bawary
Founder of ExpertsValley
Abdul Ehsan Mohmand Pic
Abdul Ehsan Mohmand
CEO of Dynamic Vision (DV)
Shahab Mortazavi
Shahab Mortazavi
Founder of Talk Business Solutions
Amir H Hosseini
Amir H Hosseini
Co-founder of Idea Creative
Murteza Zargar
Murteza Zargar
CEO of LifeCode
Price & Plans
Coworking Spaces with an affordable price in Kabul, Afghanistan
TASEES Coworking space is a millennial workplace, not just a place for people to work, it’s a place for people to connect. It’s a co-working which offers premium & beautifully crafted office space where people can create, connect, and grow their businesses. TASEES brings people from diverse backgrounds such as digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, corporate employees and startup enthusiasts to create a community of people with a shared set of values and passion.
With a shared work environment, you can create new ventures, brands or bands. Tasees hosts conferences, startup talks, incubation programs and startup events entrepreneurial sessions. We have it all to push you towards your dreams!
Shared Desk
Per Month
Best suited for
the small teams,
freelancers looking
for a collaborative
space to work
and meet other
like-minded people.
Dedicated Desk
Per Month
Best suited for
the entrepreneurs,
freelancers looking
for a collaborative
yet private desk
to work.
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